Counseling with Lin

I provide both short and long term therapy for individuals and families. Every person has different challenges, goals, and styles of communication. Therapy is both a well-researched science and an art of blending creative conversation with compassionate presence. The primary focus of my counseling work is determined by the unique needs of each client. I will listen to your expressed goals, asking clarifying questions and exploring options, collaboratively building a strategy for approaching your best outcome. We will check in frequently throughout therapy to see how our approach is working, calibrating and redefining goals and objectives as needed.

My method is solution-focused, and strengths based. Many people have far greater resilience and ability to handle challenges than they realize. We will identify resources you may already have used to successfully handle past difficulties and find ways to apply these talents to your current issues, goals, and dreams. My counseling perspective has been influenced by studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which explores how the language patterns of our brains shape our thoughts and behavior. Through listening and reflection, I can help you become aware of how the structure of the perceptions and the messages you have (perhaps unknowingly) internalized about yourself and your world in turn shape yourself and your world. Together we can practice developing more productive self-talk and new mental and behavioral habits that can support your well-being and growth toward your goals. I also hope to be able to help you to find the fun in that ongoing unfolding creative journey. My primary intention is to help you learn from and be at peace with past disappointments, regrets, or wounds, while utilizing your unique interests and abilities to become more fully and joyfully engaged in the experience of your present life as you continue to formulate your unique vision for your future.

I work with a broad range of clients, and as a creative artist who is sensitive to women’s issues and also very aware of the way our culture can shape the self-perceptions, experiences and gender roles of both men and women in our society, I specialize in working with creative artists, women, and children. In addition to conversations, I utilize sandplay, art and play therapy to connect and explore through the unconscious world of the imagination. This is especially effective with very young people who express and heal more through the kinetic and creative processes than verbal expression. Because of my experience working in the arts, I can also support creative people in negotiating the balance between fulfilling their vision and living in a culture where nonconventional people often feel misunderstood and marginalized, helping them find a pathway to contribute their much-needed talents and creative gifts to our world.

There are as many styles of psychotherapy as there are therapists, and I hope this brief introduction to my counseling style has helped you to know if we might be able to work together well. I will be happy to consult with you on the phone (707-318-0566) to clarify any other questions you may have about my approach to therapy. I look forward to hearing from you.