About Lin

In my early years in New York and Wisconsin, my parents and our extended family friends, who were primarily educators, taught me the value of creativity, humor, inquiry, and service to others. As a small child, I was sensitive to others’ wellbeing, and curious about what made the universe tick. When adults asked what I was going to be when I grew up, I said that I wanted to be either a social worker or a psychologist, so I could help people. After working in the arts and studying art, healing, and human nature for decades, I benefitted from attending a series of personal growth seminars, and realized during my mid-life opportunity years that I had acquired the experience, perspective, and insight needed to become a professional counselor. After returning to college as a more mature student, I received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Degree from Sonoma State University, and am now a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist.

I have been fortunate to have some wonderful teachers. Under the mentorship of the late Dr. Mark Doolittle, I interned at SOS Community Counseling in Santa Rosa, providing free and low-fee counseling to under-served community members. I have also worked at several local elementary schools as a grade school counselor, enjoying facilitating play and art therapy, and constantly learning from the compassionate staff and resilient, resourceful students.

I have worked as a graphic artist, and an artists’ publicist and representative, for musicians, filmmakers, and recording producers, and since 1993 I have had my own business painting silk wearable art. The meditative process of painting silk is vey healing for me, and the scarves and clothing I paint and then sell at craft shows are intended to carry a feeling of peace, confidence and inspiration to the person who wears them. Over time I have delighted in the conversations with my clients in my silk booth at street markets and fairs, from the Central Coast to Sonoma County, and the many wonderful people who returned over the years to see my new art and continue our conversations inspired me to follow my dream to become a professional therapist, so I can participate in more conversations dedicated to the healing, transformation, personal growth and evolution of my counseling clients.

Utilizing art, play, open-minded “out-of-the box” thinking, and respectful listening, I specialize in working with women and children (of all ages), and I appreciate the opportunity to be a sounding board, support, advocate and collaborative co–agent of change for people struggling with becoming free of both inner and outer obstacles to progress in realizing their goals and visions. I am delighted to be able to blend the healing qualities of visual art, with the art (and science) of psychotherapy into this next chapter of life adventures. If you think this approach could be helpful for you, I would be honored to speak with you about accompanying you on your healing path.